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American Iron magazine
features the Stealth Hog!

Speed Measurement Labs' Carl Fors dissects the counter meausures' performance of Radar Roy's Stealth Hog in the February 2004 issue of American Iron magazine... his conclusion: "Roy's array of detection and jamming devices successfully made his motorcycle, a big Ultra Classic, invisible to radar and laser guns."
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  American Iron Magazine
Radar Roy in the News
Radar Roy has been featured on national TV and radio. He's also been covered extensively in print media.

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News Stories
Military Training On Radar >>
Camp Legeune using radar to reduce speed on military bases
  Mississippi Bill Allow Radar Guns By Sheriff >>
Pending Bill would allow radar guns by Sheriff Deputies in Mississippi
  Road Check Alert >>
    With over 4,650 speed cameras in the UK, new device using GPS alerts drivers of these devices.
  Lawyers right to challenge tickets-by-camera policy >>
    Attorneys argue that clients' civil rights to due process were being violated by the assumption that vehicle owners are liable until they can prove they weren't driving at the time of the violation.
  Lawyer cites client's sleep disorder in Haywood trooper death
    Tractor-trailer driver Bradford Thomas Layton fell asleep at the wheel moments before hitting a North Carolina patrol car and killing the trooper inside, his attorney said Wednesday. Drones that set off radar detectors are now being used to try to slow down drivers. The addition of that equipment followed a workshop featuring safety engineer Carl Fors.
Police Using New Lidar to catch speeders >>
Camden Police Department switching to laser to catch speeders.
Man Attacks Speed Camera! >>
Demolition worker takes revenge on Speed Camera
  Some call traffic-ticket surcharge 'hidden tax' >>
    New surcharges and fines added to the budget this year will help pay salaries.
  Picture this: Photo radar doesn't reduce speeding >>
    A vile invention of greedy cities, photo radar allows police to use unmanned technology that determines whether a car is speeding, then snaps a picture of the license plate so the city can determine the car's owners and mail out a speeding ticket.
  Work zone speed enforcement to kick into high gear
    Two weeks from tomorrow, a highway work zone will become analogous to a school zone, meaning slow down or pay big time, possibly losing your driver's license.
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