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Radar Detection
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Radar Roy uses the Escort Passport Max Radar Detector on the Stealth Hog.
Escort Passport 8500

The Escort Max has consistently been rated by many of the leading car enthusiast magazines and by Speed Measurement Laboratories as being one of the best rated radar detector made today.

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Roy mounted the radar detector using a chrome Stemstand handlebar mount. This mount securely holds the radar detector in place to the mount, with an industrial Velcro pad.

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Radar Roy does not recommend that you use the standard mounting systems that come with most radar detectors for motorcycles.

Roy has spoken to many who found this out too late. Typically, the suction cups fail and the radar detector tumbles down the highway at 80 mph!

  Many bikers can't hear or see the radar detector go off.
Legal Speeding H.A.R.D. System Legal Speeding H.A.R.D. System Legal Speeding H.A.R.D. System

This typically occurs when riding through the twisties, or when the troddle is wide open, thus obscuring the view of, and the audio cue emitted from a radar detector.

Radar Roy's Revenge
Radar Roy's solution is to interface a Legal Speeding H.A.R.D. System with the Escort Max. The H.A.R.D. System is a two part wireless system that alerts you with a "Heads Up" displaying that your radar detector is activated.

The transmitter simply connects directly to your Escort or Valentine radar detector.

The receiver mounts inside your helmet. When the radar detector goes off, the transmitter then sends a signal to the receiver and a bright LED light lights up.

Additional receivers can also be purchased to allow other riders in your group to receive from one detector.

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* During the testing at the Speed Measurement Laboratories 2013 Radar Detector Shoot Out, the Escort Max radar detector alerted at over 9 miles on Ka band!!
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